10-22-2014 6-27-00 PMSay hi to Ron. Following 12 years of junior corps, Ron joined the Kilties. and has been with us for the last 20. This means Ron has spent 30 of his 38 years on this planet in drum corps. It's in his blood, as they say.

Ron lists among his favorite memories the Kilties making finals in 1998, being the last corps to play in the 2000's by doing an exhibition at the 1999 DCA finals and playing with Keith Urban with the rest of the Kilties battery in 2007. 

Ron lists his most meaningful memory as being the 2005 DCA performance when member and very good friend, Joel "Lothar" Magnuson collapsed and passed away on field. Ron says, "Since then, for Lothar and every fallen Kiltie, Auld Lang Syne has a lot
more meaning to the words within it."

What is Ron looking forward to in 2017? "Entertaining the crowd, giving them a lot of music for their buck, taking names, and getting the long-overdue respect Kilties deserve."

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