10572028 861388973872971 2140892579388710322 oNik was part of the large rookie class in 2014, and says he enjoyed the journey. "The whole year with the Kilties was filled with great memories and learning experiences and I made a lot of great new friends."

Nik notes that the last time he marched a field show was in 1981, and he had some apprehensions about his ability to do it again. "The Kilties' 80th year seemed like a good time to make the attempt. I struggled all year but I did it, and I loved it."

Nik adds that he now feels more knowledgeable about drum corps today, and he is stronger than when he started in 2014. "I still have a lot to learn and I am looking forward to 2017. WWBD!

Want to join Nik in the 2017 Kilties? Go to to find out more information and complete the online interest form.

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