1239247 4908533485749 1576552297 o2017 will mark Erica's seventh year with the Kilties. She has spent three years, on baritone and one year hauling around a contra. She is now back on baritone

Every member has a different story as to how they became involved in the Kilties, and Erica is no different -- "About a year after I moved up to Wisconsin due to work, I was van pooling to work when one of the fellow riders, who is a resident of Racine, started talking about how she wanted to march the honor guard again for the Kilties. She kept telling me over the course of the week how much fun I would have if I joined...yet she did not explain to me the nature of the group. Finally after about the fifth time of her mentioning it, I finally asked her 'What exactly is this group 'Kilties' you are speaking of?' She then explained to me that it was a drum and bugle corp for all ages, weekends only, and they travel and perform similar to but not as extensively as a junior corp."

Erica notes that with that she became "unglued" at this information. Erica said she had no idea that all-age corps existed, let alone, essentially right outside her own back yard. Erica said she took her friend's advice to heart, and "obviously, it was a decision that I haven't regretted as it still a huge part of my active life, and will probably continue to be for many years. W.W.B.D."

Erica says it is hard to single out her favorite Kilties memory, but if forced to choose, it would be the joint concert that the Kilties did with the Racine Symphony Orchestra a few years back. "Let me tell you, it was one of the most powerful and amazing sounds I have ever witnessed while performing in a group, and the personal energy vibrating through my body during the performance was off of the charts! From time to time I will pull the videos up on Youtube from that night just to give them another listen, and it still gives me goosebumps....every single time." (that video, by the way, can be found here:

What is Erica looking forward to in 2015? "On an individual level, I am looking forward to returning to the hornline on contrabass. On a group level, I am looking forward to seeing the continuing progression of the Kilties in areas of performance, entertainment, and competition as a drum corp, as well as the continuous growth and expansion of the Plaid family. Welcome to the new members, and may your heart bleed plaid!"

Want to join the 2017 Kilties, simply go to our website at to find out more and complete an online information form.

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