adamAdam is one of our long-time vets. He has been in The Kilties for 20 years. After the Chicago Vanguard Senior Corps folded in 1995, Adam spent 1996 helping instruct drums with the Racine Scouts. "There were a number of people I knew that were marching with Kilts, and they kept after me to join. After a few months helping the Racine Scouts and since I had been mostly marching Drum Corps since 1963 and still loved being on the field, I joined in the winter before the 1997 season." Adam says he has loved "everyone and every year with the Kilties" and hopes to continue to do what he can to help the Kilties be the best all-age corps we can be.

As you can image, after 20 years, Adam has a lot of great memories, but he says one of his best memories was in his first season with the corps back in 1997. "Back then, there was a circuit in the Midwest that most of the corps in the 8-10 state area were part of called Drum Corps Midwest.

They ran a number of shows during the season, and then there was a circuit Championship show near the end of July. It was a prelims/finals show with several divisions of junior corps...and a senior corps division, as well. The Kilties and Minnesota Brass were the two senior corps that day. Well, bottom line is, in prelims we lost to Brass by a little more then 4 points." Adam remembers that the corps thought they should have been a little closer to Brass then that. He also remembers that at the night finals, the corps sounded great at warm ups and were getting really fired up. "The Kilties went out with fire in our eyes. 13-1/2 minutes later, after 5 standing O's, we had beaten Brass for the first time that year. by 2-1/2 points! WHAT AN AFTER PARTY it was!!!"

Looking forward, Adam says he is hoping the Kilties will continue to provide entertainment and excellence to our fans present and future.

The season is fast approaching. Want to find out more? Go to and complete an online interest form.

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