adamAdam is one of our long-time vets. He has been in The Kilties for 20 years. After the Chicago Vanguard Senior Corps folded in 1995, Adam spent 1996 helping instruct drums with the Racine Scouts. "There were a number of people I knew that were marching with Kilts, and they kept after me to join. After a few months helping the Racine Scouts and since I had been mostly marching Drum Corps since 1963 and still loved being on the field, I joined in the winter before the 1997 season." Adam says he has loved "everyone and every year with the Kilties" and hopes to continue to do what he can to help the Kilties be the best all-age corps we can be.

As you can image, after 20 years, Adam has a lot of great memories, but he says one of his best memories was in his first season with the corps back in 1997. "Back then, there was a circuit in the Midwest that most of the corps in the 8-10 state area were part of called Drum Corps Midwest.

They ran a number of shows during the season, and then there was a circuit Championship show near the end of July. It was a prelims/finals show with several divisions of junior corps...and a senior corps division, as well. The Kilties and Minnesota Brass were the two senior corps that day. Well, bottom line is, in prelims we lost to Brass by a little more then 4 points." Adam remembers that the corps thought they should have been a little closer to Brass then that. He also remembers that at the night finals, the corps sounded great at warm ups and were getting really fired up. "The Kilties went out with fire in our eyes. 13-1/2 minutes later, after 5 standing O's, we had beaten Brass for the first time that year. by 2-1/2 points! WHAT AN AFTER PARTY it was!!!"

Looking forward, Adam says he is hoping the Kilties will continue to provide entertainment and excellence to our fans present and future.

The season is fast approaching. Want to find out more? Go to and complete an online interest form.

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tomMeet another 2014 rookie -- Tom. Tom is a tenor player who had a hard time deciding whether to play percussion or brass, because he is actually talented enough to play either. Tom is a Senior at West Bend High School in West Bend, Wisconsin.

Tom says it is the instructors and other members who helped make his first year an enjoyable one. Tom says he loved the intensity the drum corps experience offered. "Something I really loved about my experience was that I came from a relatively low-intensity high school and I had no drum corps experience," says Tom. "The staff and other members were so willing to work with me, help me out, and teach me what I needed to know to improve." Tom adds that staff and members were also kind, friendly, and "forgiving of my imperfections because they knew I was learning."

Tom's favorite memory was watching Drum Corps Associates (DCA) finals in Rochester, NY "with all of the New friends I had made throughout the season."

Want to join Tom in 2015? Go to www.kilties to learn more and complete an online application.

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10572028 861388973872971 2140892579388710322 oNik was part of the large rookie class in 2014, and says he enjoyed the journey. "The whole year with the Kilties was filled with great memories and learning experiences and I made a lot of great new friends."

Nik notes that the last time he marched a field show was in 1981, and he had some apprehensions about his ability to do it again. "The Kilties' 80th year seemed like a good time to make the attempt. I struggled all year but I did it, and I loved it."

Nik adds that he now feels more knowledgeable about drum corps today, and he is stronger than when he started in 2014. "I still have a lot to learn and I am looking forward to 2017. WWBD!

Want to join Nik in the 2017 Kilties? Go to to find out more information and complete the online interest form.

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10363342 10203072228198101 1995202181447741570 n2014 was Kelly's rookie year, but she's already said she'll be back in 2016. Kelly marched back in the late 70's with a short-lived corps in Illinois called The Firemen and then in the early 80s with the Skokie Imperial Cadets, but after her junior year of high school she dropped the activity in favor of working jobs and saving up for college. "I marched in my college's non-competitive color guard during all four years there," says Kelly. " I loved being in color guard and even kept my rifle from my college years, which I would take out occasionally to spin." Kelly says the idea of joining a drum corps as a "grown-up" never really occurred to her, until a summer evening in 2013 when she tarted a conversation with a Kilties instructor upon seeing her corps jacket. "I mentioned that I had been in drum corps in grade school and high school," remembers Kelly. "The rest, as they say, is history."


Memories from 2014? "Gosh, I have so many!," says Kelly, "from one of the earliest kamps, I remember our guard instructor telling us some key Kilties history and traditions, explaining the high emotion and meaning to Kilties alumni about our corps song, Auld Lang Syne. Then seeing that lived out at our historic Kilties home show and alumni gathering, watching my fellow guard member holding the hand of a Kiltie alumni who last marched with the Kilties well before she was born - I was sobbing by the end of Syne, and in a good way. I've developed many friendships in the past year that I know I will keep for hopefully many years to come. Another favorite memory was having to get a smaller kilt before our last parade!!"


Kelly says she became involved with the Kilties to challenge herself, primarily to make some personal changes with respect to moving more and becoming a more healthy weight. She says she largely ahs the same goals looking forward to 2015, but she also wants to improve as a performer and expand her abilities on equipment and movement. "I cannot wait to find out what our music and show will be!!! And of course I am looking forward to reuniting with my Kilties friends and making new ones!"


Want to join the 2017 Kilties? Go to to find out more and complete an online interest form.


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Since The Kilties founding by Mr. Raymond Vance in 1934, it has been the goal of the organization to offer the finest in design, instruction and teaching; in addition to being a positive and uplifting experience for the membership. 2017 is no different as The Kilties have assembled a stable of highly experienced and qualified arrangers, composers, designers and educators with the sole purpose of offering a competitive, fan-friendly and member-friendly production for the 2017 performance season.

Corps Director
Jeff Troudt

Staff Coordination
Karen Cole

Show Design and Development
Karen Cole
Rick Kirby
Andy Falvey
Andy Stawick

Brass Arrangements/Compositions
Rick Kirby

Percussion Arrangements/Compositions
Karen Cole

Visual Design
Andy Falvey

Color Guard Design
Gina Marie

Co-Music Directors
Mark Wienand

Rick Kirby

Brass Caption Head
Brass Instruction: Mark Wienand, Mike Madonia, Kate Easton

Percussion Coordinator/Front Ensemble Head
Karen Cole

Front Ensemble Instruction: Karen Cole, Roi Evans

Percussion Battery Caption Head
Andrew Stawick

Battery Instruction: John Donovan, Katie Neilsen, Mike Hernke, 

Color Guard Caption Head
Gina Marie

Color Guard Instruction: Gina, Jennifer  

Visual Caption Head

Visual Instruction: Jimmy Mutchie, Andy Falvey (Consultant)



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Meet Sofia! Sofia experienced her rookie year in 2014, and she's committed to coming back for 2015.

Sofia, a senior in high school, had no previous experience in drum corps or with color guard prior to joining The Kilties, but she did have marching experience - having been drum major of the West Bend High School Marching Band for the last three years.


Here's what she has to say about her rookie year in The Kilties: "Something I enjoyed about my experience marching with the Kilties is how I came to this corps and was treated as an equal -- not as a silly teenager and not as someone who knew nothing -- but an equal. I also loved how I made friends from all over and of all different ages, it really proved that age is just a number especially with friendships."


Sofia says her favorite memory is the Minnesota weekend. "This was my favorite time from marching with Kilties, because it was not just my first "road trip" but because that is when I knew I had made life long friends...I never knew I would become so close to people I just met in such a short period of time."


Even though Sofia had no previous color guard experience, her instructor said she "rocked" her rookie year, and did the corps and the guard proud!


Are you ready to join Sofia and others as part of Team Plaid? Simply go to our website at to find out more and fill out an online interest form. We look forward to seeing you at our opening weekend on December 6th and 7th.


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